This publication, and the research behind it, was possible only through the support of others. Without any intention to diminish the contributions of those not named, I would like to especially recognize a few: First, my wife Trista, someone with whom I could share my fears and tears in the face of a disheartening succession of self-determined deadlines which repeatedly proved insurmountable. Because of her I am a much better man than I otherwise would be. Also my boys, Sơn (Taylor), Cường (Tucker) và Duy (David), who have, in their own way, provided a tremendous amount of emotional and spiritual support, and have waited 8 years for the promised season of skiing with Dad. Next, C. Victor Bunderson who advocated my admission to the graduate program in the Department of Instructional Psychology and Technology at Brigham Young University, and supported my course work by honor of the first fellowship offered through the Edumetrics Institute. Vic has been, and continues to be, a great friend and mentor. Also, Paul F. Merrill, chair of my committee, who was willing to let me reach high for a goal which seemed impossible—and to the other members of my committee, who very appropriately demanded nothing less than excellence and accountability. Next, Andy Van Schaack—in particular, for a certain late-night phone call that helped me keep going when it seemed like the end would never come. Most recently, Dave McGinn and Curt Allen of Agilix Labs, Inc. as well as my team and co-workers, who enabled an extended leave of absence in order to push hard to meet otherwise impossible deadlines. And finally, THE LIVING AND MOST HIGH GOD—nothing I have ever done that has enjoyed any degree of success or amounted to any good has been of my own doing but only by and through the spirit of revelation and, after all I could do alone, the grace of God with which I am blessed as I diligently strive to honor and glorify His name.


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